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HP Tru64 UNIX Version 5.1B-2 and Higher: Patch Kit Installation Instructions > Chapter 3 Patch Installation and Removal Instructions

Post-Installation Actions


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The following sections describe actions for you to take after you have completed the dupatch installation procedure.

Enabling the Version Switch After Installing a New Style Patch Kit

Some patches may require you to run the versw -switch command to enable the new functions delivered in those patches. (See “Version Switches” for information about version switches.) You perform this action after dupatch has completed the installation:

# versw -switch

The new functionality will not be available until after you reboot your system. You do not have to run the versw -switch command, but if you do not, your system will not be able to access the functionality provided in the version switch patches.

Remove Temporary Directory

Once your patch kit is installed, delete the temporary directory in which you expanded the patch kit tar file. For example:

# rm -r /Patches/PK4

Removing the temporary directory will preclude the possibility of using that directory for subsequent patch kit installations. When performing a patch kit installation, using a directory that contains files from a previous patch kit installation can leave your system in an unstable condition.

Remember that if you want to save the patch kit tar file, remove it from the temporary directory before deleting the directory.

Adding the Worldwide Language Support

Inclusive patch kits provide patches to the Tru64 UNIX Worldwide Language Support subset (WLS). If the WLS subset is installed on your system, the WLS patches will be installed automatically when you install the patch kit. However, if you install the WLS subset after patching your system, you will have to rerun dupatch to install the WLS patches. The dupatch utility will see the WLS subset, recognize that the patches have not been installed, and will install them.

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