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HP Tru64 UNIX Version 5.1B-2 and Higher: Patch Kit Installation Instructions > Chapter 3 Patch Installation and Removal Instructions

Expanding the Patch Kit Tar File


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If you are using patch tar files obtained via the Internet (see “Patch Process Resources”), you must expand the tar file to access the patch kits. The tar file can be expanded on any mountable file system. The following list describes procedure:

  1. Mount the file system and create a directory.

    # /usr/sbin/mount /dev/disk/dsk3g /patches
    # cd /patches  
    # mkdir pk5


    If you are installing successive patch kits, place and untar each kit in a separate directory.

    Copy or ftp the patch kit to the directory you created. For example:

    # cp T64V51BB26AS0005-20050215.tar  /patches/pk5

  2. Untar the patch kit, capturing the process to a log file. For example:

    # script untar.log
    # tar -xpvf /patches/pk5/T64V51BB26AS0005-20050215.tar
    # Ctrl/d

  3. View the untar.log for errors or failures untarring the file.

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