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HP Tru64 UNIX Version 5.1B-2 and Higher: Patch Kit Installation Instructions > Chapter 1 Patch Process Overview

Using the Patch Tracking Menu


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The dupatch patch-tracking capability lets you view information about installed patches, such as lists of release patches, CSPs, and ERPs installed on the system and which patch kits you have installed.

For example, the following dupatch output shows the patch tracking menu with the List Installed patches menu item selected:

    Patch Tracking Menu:
    1)  List installed patches
    2)  List installed patch files
    3)  List patch kit information for installed patches
    4)  Show Patch History for selected patches
    5)  Show System Patch History 

    b)  Back to Main Menu
    q)  Quit  Enter your choice: 1

    Patch Tracking Selection Menu:

    1)  List Release Patches
    2)  List Customer Specific Patches
    3)  List All Patches
    b)  Back to Tracking Menu
    q)  Quit

Enter your choice: 

Gathering details of relevant patches, this may take a bit of time
	Patches installed on the system:
  (depending upon the number of patches you installed, this may take awhile)

 - Tru64_UNIX_V5.1B / Commands, Shells, & Utilities Patches:
        Patch 25022.00 - SP04 OSFDCMT540                                        
        Patch 25080.00 - SP04 OSFTCLBASE540                                     
        Patch 26022.00 - SP05 OSFDCMT540                                        
        Patch 26080.00 - SP05 OSFTCLBASE540                                     

 - Tru64_UNIX_V5.1B / Common Desktop Environment (CDE) Patches:
        Patch 25015.00 - SP04 OSFCDEDT540 (SSRT2405)                            
        Patch 25016.00 - SP04 OSFCDEMAIL540                                     
        Patch 26085.00 - SP05 OSFX11540 (SSRT4831 SSRT4802 SSRT4800 SSRT4721)   
        Patch 26086.00 - SP05 OSFXADMIN540 

Press RETURN to get back to the Patch Tracking Menu...
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