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HP Tru64 UNIX Version 5.1B-2 and Higher: Patch Kit Installation Instructions

Appendix A Viewing Log files


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The dupatch utility captures patching activities in the following log files:

  • /var/adm/patch/log/session.log

    Every time you run dupatch it creates a session log that captures dupatch activities. The session.log files from the previous 25 sessions are saved. The order is first in, first out, with session.log.25 as the oldest file.

  • /var/adm/patch/log/Dupatch_load_Date.log

    When you run dupatch from the newly untarred kit or from the mounted Tru64 UNIX Patch CD–ROM, dupatch determines if the patch distribution contains new patch tools, and loads them if necessary.

    This log file has a name similar to this: Dupatch_load_2000Jul1:15:43:35.log

  • /var/adm/patch/log/baseline.log

    When you run the system baselining feature, dupatch creates a baseline log. The session.log files from the previous 25 sessions are saved. The order is first in, first out, with baseline.log.25 as the oldest file.

  • /var/adm/patch/log/event.log

    When patches are installed or removed, an event log captures that information. Only one copy of the file is updated each time patches are installed or removed. The information in the patch event log is not available through the dupatch user interface, but the log is a text file that you can view with a command such as more. The following list describes the types of information an event log provides, although the format and content are subject to change. Example A-1 “ Sample Event Log” shows a typical event log.

    DUPATCH_REV> The revision of dupatch being used
    TYPE>The type of action that was taken; either install or remove
    NAME>The name entered by the user through a dupatch query
    USER>The name of the user performing the action
    NOTES>Notes that were entered by the user through a dupatch query
    KITLOC>The directory from which the patch kit was installed
    KITNAME>The name of the patch kit that was installed
    REVERT>The choice made on whether or not the patch installation is reversible
    BACKUP_DIRECTORY>A pointer to the directory that contains the original files before they were patched
    BACKUP_SETUP>A plain directory; not a mount point or a symbolic link
    SUCCEED>A list of patches for which the action succeeded
    FAIL>A list of patches for which the action failed

    Example A-1  Sample Event Log

    DATE>Mon Jul 3 13:03:33 EST 2000
    NOTES>Install BL13 patches from CD-ROM
    KITNAME><DUV40FAS0004-20000613> OSF440
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