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HP Tru64 UNIX and TruCluster Server Version 5.1B-4: Patch Summary and Release Notes

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Published: December 2006


This manual contains information specific to Version 5.1B-4 of the Tru64 UNIX operating system, TruCluster Server software, and Worldwide Language Support products. It briefly describes the patches contained in this kit and provides information you should be aware of when installing or removing this kit.

Table of Contents

About This Manual
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Patch Process Resources
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Typographic Conventions
1 Enhancements, Improvements, and Features
Enhanced Cluster Interconnect Extended to 100 KM
Cluster Cloning Offers Alternative to No-Roll Patching
Link Aggregation Extended to Cluster LAN Interconnects
NetRAIN over LAG Supported.
Support Provided for 2007 Changes to U.S Daylight Savings Time
BIND Updated to Version 9.2.5
Library Calls for Fibre Channel HBA Added
New Cluster Command Sends ping Packets over TCP
sendmail Server Updated to Version 8.13.6
AdvFS Utilities Improved for Working with Metadata Files
mountd Daemon Gets New Port-Selection Option
envmond Daemon Modified to Use EVM Events
aha_chim Driver Problem Corrected
Command Option Now Provides Additional EMX Driver Information
New EMX Subsystem Attribute Turns on LLER for Tape I/O
Kernel Attributes Protect Against ICMP Security Vulnerability
caa_relocate Command Improved
collect Utility Improved in Several Ways
Environment Variable Improves btcreate Kernel Build
New Variable Aids Performance of AdvFS Administration Commands
New ftpd Command Option Prevents Login Delays
New Features Added to kdbx Debugger
Modified rmvol Utility Allows Multiple Volume Removal
New disklabel Command Option Expands Partitions
Commands Modified to Conform to POSIX Standard
Changes to ex, edit, and vi
Changes to awk and nawk
Changes to chmod
Changes to cp
Changes to ex
Changes to find
Changes to rm
Changes to uucp
Changes to uudecode
New Generic Subsystem Attribute Corrects UNIX98 Standards Violations
waitpid() System Call
poll() System Call
New I/O Subsystem Attributes Can Improve Booting Speed
New Attributes Added to NFS and RPC Subsystems
New cam Attribute Controls Path Usage
LSM hot-sparing Improved
New Option Changes Configuration File Used by aliasd Daemon
fsdb Utility Now Operates on File System Image
sendmail Log Problem Corrected
New Tunable Attribute Corrects NetRAIN Failover Problem
New Attribute Controls Tape Driver Path Control
pr Command Behavior Now Works as Described in Reference Page
Kit's Session Log Made More Useful
Sys_Check Version 143 Provided
2 Kit Installation and Removal
Required Storage Space
Important Kit Installation and Removal Release Notes
Installation Release Notes
Kit Removal Release Notes
Cluster-Specific Installation and Removal Release Notes
3 Tru64 UNIX Patches
New Release Notes
Authentication Choice Affects sftp Transfer Rate
Tru64 UNIX Rebranding Results in File Changes
Insight Manager Components Dump Core
Autoloader Firmware Upgrade Changes WWND
Some Smart Array Errors May Not Be Recoverable
Do Not Use dxarchiver to Verify Bootable Tape
securenets File Requires localhost Entry
Prior Release Notes
Enhancements Introduced in Prior Kits
Release Notes Introduced in Prior Kits
Changes to Reference Pages
Summary of Base Operating System Patches
New Patches
Patches Delivered in Prior Kits
4 TruCluster Server Patches
Release Notes
Select Option to Check Tagged Files
Check for Tagged Files if Messages Are Displayed
Noncritical Errors
Unrecoverable Failure Procedure
Do Not Add or Delete OSF, TCR, IOS, or OSH Subsets During Roll
Undo Stages in Correct Order
clu_upgrade undo of Install Stage Can Result in Incorrect File Permissions
Missing Entry Messages Can Be Ignored During Rolling Patch
Relocating AutoFS During a Rolling Upgrade on a Cluster
Messages Displayed During Rolling Upgrade Can Be Ignored
Error on Cluster Creation
When Taking a Cluster Member to Single-User Mode, First Halt the Member
Login Failure Possible with C2 Security Enabled
File System Unmount Recommended if Message Is Displayed
Tunable Attribute May Help Performance Problem
AlphaServer ES47 or AlphaServer GS1280 Hangs When Added to Cluster
Problems with clu_upgrade Switch Stage
Data Protector Issues and Restrictions
Set ipport_userreserved Attribute on Large Systems
Summary of TruCluster Server Software Patches
New Patches
Patches Delivered in Previous Kits
5 Worldwide Language Support Patches
Summary of Worldwide Language Support Patches
New Patches
Patches Delivered in Previous Kits
6 CSPs Included in This Kit
New Superseded Tru64 UNIX CSPs
Tru64 UNIX CSPs Superseded in Pervious Kits
Superseded TruCluster Server CSPs
A Setting Up an Enhanced Distance Cluster
Enhanced Distance Cluster Configuration Requirements
Enhanced Distance Cluster Restrictions
Enhanced Distance Cluster Recommendations
B Prior Patch Installation Changes
Changes Made in Version 5.1B-3
Changes Made in Version 5.1B-2
C Component Licensing
HP Tru64 UNIX Version Version 5.1B-4 Consolidated Patch Kit
Apache License
Cyrus IMAP License
Mozilla License
OpenLDAP License
Sendmail License
Tomcat License
GNU General Public License
TCL License
Perl License
Zlib License
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