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1    Finding the Documentation You Need
1.1    Introduction to the Documentation Set
1.1.1    Core Documentation
1.1.2    Supplementary Documentation
1.1.3    Layered Applications
1.2    Changes to the Version 5.1 Documentation Set
1.3    What You Get
1.4    Online Documentation
1.4.1    The Documentation CD-ROM
1.4.2    Documentation on the World Wide Web
1.5    Printed Documentation
1.6    Documentation for Layered Applications
1.6.1    Products Packaged with Tru64 UNIX
1.6.2    Tru64 UNIX Alpha Online Documentation Library
1.6.3    Device Driver Documentation
2    General User Documentation
2.1    Printed and Online Documentation
2.1.1    Release Notes for Version 5.1 (revised)
2.1.2    Technical Overview (revised)
2.1.3    TruCluster Server (revised)Technical Overview
2.1.4    CDE Companion
2.1.5    Command and Shell User's Guide
2.1.6    Documentation Overview (revised)
2.1.7    Master Index (revised)
2.1.8    Security (revised)
2.2    Printed-Only Documentation
2.2.1    Quick Reference Card
2.2.2    How to Access Tru64 UNIX Documentation (new)
2.2.3    Tru64 UNIX Version 5.1 CD-ROMs (revised)
2.3    Online-Only Documentation
2.3.1    New and Changed Features from Previous Releases (revised)
2.3.2    Advanced Printing Software User Guide (revised)
2.3.3    Common Desktop Environment: User's Guide
2.3.4    Common Desktop Environment: Advanced User's and System Administrator's Guide
2.3.5    How to Order Tru64 UNIX Documentation
2.3.6    Safety & Comfort Guide
3    System and Network Management Documentation
3.1    Printed and Online Documentation
3.1.1    Installation Guide (revised)
3.1.2    Installation Guide -- Advanced Topics (revised)
3.1.3    Network Administration (revised)
3.1.4    System Administration (revised)
3.1.5    AdvFS Administration (revised)
3.1.6    System Configuration and Tuning (revised)
3.1.7    Logical Storage Manager (revised)
3.1.8    X Window System Environment
3.1.9    Kernel Debugging
3.1.10    Sharing Software on a Local Area Network
3.1.11    Software License Management
3.1.12    System Configuration Supplement: OEM Platforms
3.1.13    Guide to Prestoserve
3.2    Printed-Only Documentation
3.2.1    Full Installation Quick Start (revised)
3.2.2    Update Installation Quick Reference Card (revised)
3.2.3    X Window System Administrator's Guide
3.3    Online-Only Documentation
3.3.1    BIND Configuration File Guide
3.3.2    DECevent Translation and Reporting Utility
3.3.3    Performance Manager (revised)
3.3.4    sendmail Installation and Operation Guide (revised)
4    Programming Documentation
4.1    Printed and Online Documentation
4.1.1    Assembly Language Programmer's Guide (revised)
4.1.2    Asynchronous Transfer Mode (revised)
4.1.3    Calling Standard for Alpha Systems (revised)
4.1.4    Compaq C Language Reference Manual (revised)
4.1.5    Compaq Portable Mathematics Library
4.1.6    Guide to the POSIX Threads Library
4.1.7    Guide to Preparing Product Kits (revised)
4.1.8    Guide to Realtime Programming (revised)
4.1.9    Network Programmer's Guide (revised)
4.1.10    Programmer's Guide (revised)
4.1.11    Programming Support Tools
4.1.12    Programming with ONC RPC
4.1.13    Writing Kernel Modules (revised)
4.1.14    Writing Software for the International Market (revised)
4.2    Printed-Only Documentation
4.2.1    OSF/Motif Programmer's Guide
4.2.2    OSF/Motif Style Guide
4.2.3    Programmer's Guide: STREAMS
4.3    Online-Only Documentation
4.3.1    Java Documentation
4.3.2    Ladebug Debugger Manual (revised)
4.3.3    Object File and Symbol Table Format Specification (revised)
4.3.4    Common Desktop Environment: Application Builder User's Guide
4.3.5    Common Desktop Environment: Desktop KornShell User's Guide
4.3.6    Common Desktop Environment: Help System Author's and Programmer's Guide
4.3.7    Common Desktop Environment: Internationalization Programmer's Guide
4.3.8    Common Desktop Environment: Product Glossary
4.3.9    Common Desktop Environment: Programmer's Guide
4.3.10    Common Desktop Environment: Programmer's Overview
4.3.11    Common Desktop Environment: Style Guide and Certification Checklist
4.3.12    ToolTalk Service Documentation
4.3.13    Technical References for Asian Languages
4.3.14    X Window System Documentation
5    Additional Documentation
5.1    Web-Based Best Practices Documentation
5.2    Operating System CD-ROM
5.2.1    Software Product Descriptions
5.2.2    Listings of Patches to the Operating System
5.2.3    Text Version of the Tru64 UNIX Release Notes
5.2.4    X Image Extension Documentation
5.3    Associated Products CD-ROMs
6    The Tru64 UNIX Reference Pages
6.1    Reading Reference Pages On Line
6.1.1    Using the Documentation CD-ROM
6.1.2    Using webman
6.1.3    Using the xman Command
6.1.4    Using the man Command
6.2    Reading Reference Pages in Printed Books
6.3    Overview of the Sections
7    Device Driver Documentation
A    Documentation Listings
A.1    Components of the Tru64 UNIX Printed Documentation Kits
A.2    Documentation Only in Media Kit (QA-6ADAA-H8)
A.3    Supplementary Documentation on the Documentation CD-ROM
A.4    Alphabetical Listing of Core and Supplementary Documentation
1-1    Structure of the Tru64 UNIX Documentation Kit
2-1    Example Master Index Search
A-1    Alphabetical Listing of Core and Supplementary Documentation