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Part 1 -- Basic Integration
1    Basic Application Integration
Part 2 -- Recommended Integration
2    Integrating Fonts
3    Displaying Errors from Your Application
4    Integrating with Session Manager
5    Integrating with Drag and Drop
Part 3 -- Optional Integration
6    Integrating with the Workspace Manager
7    Common Desktop Environment Motif Widgets
8    Invoking Actions from Applications
9    Accessing the Data-Typing Database
10    Integrating with Calendar
1-1    Dialog box displayed by the built-in NoPrint action

5-1    The basic drag-and-drop transaction
5-2    Optional transitions and operations for drag and drop
7-1    Examples of the DtSpinBox widget
7-2    Examples of text field and list box widget (DtComboBox)
7-3    Examples of menu button widget (DtMenuButton)
10-1    Positioning of the Calendaring and Scheduling API
10-2    Components of the Calendaring and Scheduling API
2-1    Field Name Values for Standard Interface Font Names

2-2    Field Name Values for Standard Application Font Names

5-1    Keys Used to Modify a Drag Operation
5-2    Types of Drag Icons
5-3    Desktop Components That Can Be Drag Sources
5-4    Editor Drop Destinations
5-5    File Manager Drop Destinations
5-6    Front Panel Drop Destinations
5-7    Predefined Protocols
5-8    Data Transfer Operations
5-9    Data-Typing Attributes
7-1    DtSpinBox Convenience Functions
7-2    DtSpinBoxWidget Resources
7-3    DtSpinBox Callbacks
7-4    DtComboBox Widget Convenience Functions
7-5    DtComboBox Widget Resources
7-6    DtComboBox Callback Structures
7-7    DtMenuButtonWidget Resources
7-8    DtMenuButtonWidget Callback Structures
7-9    DtEditor Life Cycle Functions
7-10    DtEditor Input/Output Functions
7-11    DtEditor Selection Functions
7-12    DtEditor Format Functions
7-13    DtEditArea Find and Change Functions (Continued)
7-14    DtEditor Auxiliary Functions
7-15    DtEditor Resources
7-16    DtEditor Localization Resources (Continued)
7-17    DtEditorHelp Callback Structure
8-1    Icon Sizes and File Names
9-1    Data Criteria in Order of Most Likely Use
9-2    Data Attributes in Order of Most Likely Use
9-3    IS_TEXT Attribute Examples
9-4    Data-Typing Database Query Functions
10-1    Derivation of C Naming Conventions
10-2    CSA Data Structures
10-3    CSA Calendar Attributes
10-4    CSA Entry Attributes