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1    Overview of LDAP
2    Installing the OpenLDAP Server
2.1    System Requirements
2.2    OpenLDAP Installation Procedure
2.3    Accessing the LDAP Browser
3    Configuring the OpenLDAP Directory Server
3.1    Using the Configuration Scripts
3.2    Accessing OpenLDAP Documentation
4    Using the Tru64 UNIX LDAP Browser
4.1    Managing Frequently Used Connections
4.1.1    Connecting to an LDAP Server
4.1.2    Creating or Editing Frequently Used Connections
4.1.3    Connecting to an LDAP Server Using SSL
4.1.4    Disconnecting from an LDAP Server
4.1.5    Reconnecting to an LDAP Server
4.1.6    Using the Main Browsing Window
4.1.7    Opening a New Main Window
4.1.8    Closing a Main Window
4.1.9    Viewing an Entry in a Separate Window
4.1.10    Refreshing an Entry
4.1.11    Controlling Client-Side Schema Checking
4.1.12    Adding New Entries
4.1.13    Modifying Entries
4.1.14    Deleting Entries
4.1.15    Copying Entries
4.1.16    Renaming Entries
4.1.17    Moving Entries
4.1.18    Adding Attributes
4.1.19    Modifying Attributes
4.1.20    Deleting Attributes
4.1.21    Managing Entry Templates
4.1.22    Creating Entry Templates
4.1.23    Editing Entry Templates
4.1.24    Deleting Entry Templates
4.1.25    Renaming Entry Templates
4.1.26    Copying Entry Templates
4.2    Searching the Directory
4.3    Viewing the Object Class Schema
4.4    Viewing the Attribute Schema
4.5    User Configuration File
2-1    Minimum System Requirements