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reference pages

This library includes the complete set of Tru64 UNIX Base Operating System reference pages. The reference pages category list, shown here, contains an alphabetical index for quick reference as well as links for the different numbered sections.

All of the reference pages and their associated index pages are treated as if they were pages in a single Reference Manual book, and these pages share a single window in the library.

Clicking on a letter in the category page's alphabetical index brings up the index page for that letter. Clicking on a name, such as ac(8), displays that page. Each reference page contains quick-navigation buttons for returning to the index pages.

You can search for reference pages using a keyword search that works like the UNIX apropos (man -k) command.

This feature uses a copy of the standard whatis database, which lists each reference page by its name and gives a brief description of its function.

To open the keyword search page, click the Search by Keyword button in the reference pages category list. Here, the user searches for the string "ctype," receives a list of reference pages, and chooses to view wctype(3).

This CD-ROM includes a CGI script called webman. If you are viewing this documentation set through a connection to a Tru64 UNIX Web server, you might also be able to use webman to view the reference pages that are installed on the server, including those for any layered products.

Here, the user searches for reference pages matching the string "mount." When webman presents a list of pages, the user returns to the main page, chooses the /usr/share/man/man1 directory, and views the awk(1) reference page.

To find whether webman is installed and available to you, check the server's home page or ask the server's administrator. For information about how to use webman, click the Help button on the script's main page.