Title and Copyright Information
Part 1 -- Introduction
1    Introducing the Help System
Part 2 -- The Author's Job
2    Organizing and Writing a Help Volume
3    Writing a Help Topic
4    Processing and Displaying a Help Volume
5    HelpTag Markup Reference
6    Summary of Special Character Entities
7    Command Summary
8    Reading the HelpTag Document Type Definition
Part 3 -- The Programmer's Job
9    Creating and Managing Help Dialog Boxes
10    Responding to Help Requests
11    Handling Events in Help Dialogs
12    Providing Help on Help
13    Preparing an Installation Package
Part 4 -- Internationalization
14    Native Language Support
A    HelpTag 1.3 DTD
1-1    Application Help menu
1-2    General help and quick help window
1-3    Formats for graphic and text hyperlinks
1-4    Topic tree in a general help dialog box
1-5    Index search dialog box
1-6    Index entry prefix notation
1-7    Print dialog box
1-8    Hierarchy of topics
1-9    Browser help volume
2-1    Help volume topic organization
2-2    File Manager view of help files
3-1    Note, warning, and caution help icons
4-1    Browser help volume displaying help families
4-2    Help print dialog box
9-1    General help dialog
9-2    Quick help dialog with four standard buttons
13-1    Application installation package
13-2    Relationship of build directories and installation package
14-1    Sample formatting table
6-1    Typographical Symbols
6-2    Greek Characters
6-3    Math Symbols
6-4    Arrow Symbols
6-5    Miscellaneous Symbols
14-1    Common Desktop Environment Character Sets
14-2    Help System Language and Territory Names