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1    Understanding Prestoserve
1.1    Prestoserve and Synchronous Write Operations
1.2    How Prestoserve Works
1.3    NFS Environment and Performance Problems
1.3.1    Network Problems
1.3.2    Client Problems
1.3.3    Server Problems
1.3.4    NFS Server Performance
1.3.5    Prestoserve's Impact on NFS Server Performance
2    Getting Started with Prestoserve
2.1    Installing the dxpresto Subset
2.2    Registering the Prestoserve License
2.3    Configuring Prestoserve
2.3.1    Adding the Prestoserve Pseudodevice
2.3.2    Adding the Prestoserve Controller Device
2.4    Setting Up and Enabling Prestoserve
2.4.1    Using the prestosetup Command
2.4.2    Manually Setting Up Prestoserve    Creating the Prestoserve Control Device    Starting the portmap Daemon    Specifying Configuration Variables in the rc.config File    Creating the prestotab File    Running the prestoctl_svc Daemon
3    Prestoserve Administration
3.1    Prestoserve Operation
3.1.1    Prestoserve Buffer Management
3.1.2    Prestoserve States
3.2    Managing Prestoserve
3.2.1    Accelerating File Systems
3.2.2    Disabling File System Acceleration
3.2.3    Displaying the Status of File Systems
3.2.4    Displaying the Prestoserve State and Buffer Status
3.2.5    Using dxpresto to Administer and Monitor Prestoserve
3.3    Handling the Prestoserve Cache
3.3.1    Writing the Contents of the Cache to Disk
3.3.2    Resetting Prestoserve and Clearing the Cache
3.3.3    Changing the Cache Size
3.4    Displaying Debugging Information
3.5    Checking Prestoserve
4    Recovering from System Failures
4.1    Normal and Abnormal System Shutdowns
4.1.1    Recovering Cache Data After an Abnormal Shutdown
4.1.2    Recovering Cache Data After Replacing a CPU Board
4.1.3    Handling Failed Prestoserve Hardware
4.1.4    Moving the Prestoserve Hardware
4.2    Disk Failures
4.2.1    Temporary Disk Failures
4.2.2    Serious Disk Failures
3-1    Prestoserve Status
1-1    Example of NFS Environment
3-1    dxpresto Window
3-2    Expanded dxpresto Window