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Chapter 1 The DECevent Event Management Utility Overview

1.1 Introduction

1.2 DECevent and the Translation of Events

1.3 DECevent Analysis and Notification

1.4 The DECevent Graphical User Interface

Chapter 2 The Help Command

2.1 Overview

2.2 DECevent Help

2.2.1 Syntax

2.2.2 Exiting DECevent Help

2.3 Tru64 UNIX Help

Chapter 3 The DECevent Bit-To-Text Translation Feature

3.1 Introduction

3.2 Necessary Privileges

3.3 Command Verb

3.4 Translating Event Files

3.4.1 Selecting an Alternate Input File

3.4.2 Translating Multiple Input Files

3.4.3 Using Wildcard Characters

3.4.4 Redirecting the Report to an Output File

3.4.5 Reversing the Order of Input Events

3.4.6 Creating a Binary Output File

3.5 Filtering Input Events

3.5.1 Filtering Events by Event Types

3.5.2 Filtering Events by Date and Time

3.5.3 Filtering Events by Entry Number

3.6 Selecting Alternative Reports

3.6.1 Producing a Full Report

3.6.2 Producing a Brief Report

3.6.3 Producing a Terse Report

3.6.4 Producing a Summary Report

3.7 Translating Events as They Occur

3.8 Halting the Continuous Display of Events

Chapter 4 Customizing Your Environment

4.1 Commands to Customize Your Environments

4.1.1 Customizing the Default Event Log File

4.1.2 Customizing the Locale Parameter

4.2 Saving Customized Settings

4.3 Restoring Customized Settings

4.4 Restoring Default System Settings

Chapter 5 The DECevent dia Command Verb

5.1 Introduction

5.2 The dia -a Command

5.2.1 Flags and Parameters for the -a Flag

5.2.2 The infile Parameter

5.2.3 Example

5.3 The dia -b Command

5.3.1 Flags and Parameters for the -b Flag

5.3.2 The binfile Parameter

5.3.3 Example

5.4 The dia -c Command

5.4.1 Flags and Parameters for the -c Flag

5.4.2 Examples

5.4.3 Halting Continuous Display Mode

5.5 The dia -d Command

5.5.1 Flags and Parameters for the -d Flag

5.5.2 The infile Parameter

5.5.3 Examples

Chapter 6 The ls Commands

6.1 Description

6.2 The ls evt Command

6.3 The ls can Command

Chapter 7 The shw Commands

7.1 Description

7.2 The shw sel Command

7.3 The shw sel [selection] Command

7.4 The shw set Command

7.5 The shw set [setting] Command

Chapter 8 The -int Flag

8.1 Description

8.1.1 Entering the Interactive Command Shell

8.1.2 Exiting Interactive Mode

8.1.3 Qualifiers and Parameters

8.1.4 Interactive Command Examples

8.2 Set, sav, and res Command Descriptions

8.2.1 The set evt Command

8.2.2 The set loc Command

8.2.3 The res Command

8.2.4 The sav Command

Appendix A DECevent Directories and Files

A.1 Image File

A.2 man page Help

A.3 Interactive Help

A.4 Necessary DECevent Files

Appendix B System Settings

Appendix C Bit-To-Text Quick Reference

Appendix D DECevent Selection Keywords for Bit-To-Text Translation

D.1 The -i (include) Qualifier

D.2 The -x (exclude) Qualifier

D.3 The Selection Keywords and Their Definitions

D.4 Examples of Using the -i and -x Qualifiers

D.4.1 -i Qualifier Examples

D.4.2 -x Qualifier Examples

D.4.3 -x and -i Combinations