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1    New and Changed Features
1.1    Support for Variable Memory Page Size (Big Pages)
1.2    IPv6 Enhancements
1.3    Parallel Bus Scan
1.4    LSM Fast Plex Attach
1.5    Ensuring Metadata Integrity by Freezing Domains
1.6    The vfast Utility
1.7    LUN/UNIT Expansion
1.8    Security
1.8.1    Secure Shell
1.8.2    Single Sign On Moved to the Operating Ssystem CD-ROM
1.8.3    Common Data Security Architecture (CDSA)
1.8.4    Support for /dev/random
1.9    Netscape 6.2.3 Web Client for Tru64 UNIX
1.10    I18N Support
1.11    Additional Changes
2    Features and Interfaces Scheduled for Retirement
2.1    Retired in This Release
2.1.1    Performance Manager CDE GUI
2.1.2    COM for Tru64 UNIX
2.1.3    DECmigrate
2.1.4    iPlanet Directory Server
2.1.5    AdvFS Subsystem Attributes
2.1.6    AdvFS Fragment Attributes
2.1.7    C++ Run-Time Libraries libtask and libcomplex
2.1.8    Unsupported Kernel Object Subsets
2.2    Features and Interfaces Scheduled for Retirement in Future Releases
2.2.1    The emxmgr Utility
2.2.2    The automount Utility
2.2.3    POSIX Threads Metering
2.2.4    SCSI Device Names
2.2.5    XIE Version 3.0 X Client Extension
2.2.6    ATM IP Switching
2.2.7    The ogated Routing Daemon
2.2.8    DEC Ada RTL
2.2.9    Event Report Formatter (uerf)
2.2.10    Tcl Version 7.6 and Tk Version 4.2
2.2.11    The dxlsm Interface
2.3    Hardware Support Retirement Notices
2.3.1    Hardware Support Retired in This Release    Network Adapters    Array Controllers    Disk Devices
2.3.2    Hardware Support Scheduled to Be Retired in Future Releases    VME Bus Retirement    Array Controllers    Network Adapters    FDDI Adapter for Futurebus
3    Installation Notes
3.1    General Information About Installation
3.1.1    Disk Space Requirements
3.1.2    Firmware Revision
3.1.3    Files Left in /tmp Directory After Installation
3.1.4    Installing Tru64 UNIX on Disks Containing Linux disklabels
3.1.5    Reloading Subsets with setld
3.1.6    setld Failures Caused by Temp Files
3.1.7    IMAP and POP
3.1.8    Configuration Failure Messages During System Boot
3.1.9    Initial sendmail Warning Message
3.1.10    The autopush Message Displayed During Boot
3.1.11    I/O Error Message
3.1.12    Ignore the error writing output file Message
3.1.13    Persistent Reservation Errors
3.2    Layered Product Considerations
3.2.1    Mounting the Associated Products CD-ROM
3.3    Full Installation
3.4    Update Installation
3.5    RIS Installation
3.5.1    bootlink Restriction
3.5.2    Time Zone Restriction
4    Processor-Specific Notes
4.1    General Notes on Processors
4.1.1    Upgrading Your Hardware
4.1.2    Future Enhancements for Expanded Block Size
4.1.3    Floppy Disk Drives
4.1.4    KZPSA Behind the PCI-to-PCI Bridge
4.1.5    Qlogic ISP1040B CAM Errors
4.1.6    DJ-ML200-xx PCI NVRAM Hardware Revision
4.1.7    No Console-Level Multipath Support for Some Older Systems
4.2    AlphaServer 1000 and 1000A Systems
4.2.1    EISA Configuration Utility Version 1.10
4.2.2    Graphics Resolution
4.3    AlphaServer GS Systems
4.3.1    Do Not Repetitively Power Cycle CPUs
4.3.2    Hot Add Restriction
4.4    AlphaServer DS25 Systems
4.4.1    Restriction on Burning CD-ROMs
4.5    Personal Workstation 433au, 500au, and 600au Systems
4.5.1    64-Bit PCI Option Cards
4.5.2    Incorrect Default Keyboard Mappings
4.6    Alpha VME and PCI/ISA (DMCC) Modular Single-Board Computers
5    Base Operating System Software Notes
5.1    Commands and Utilities
5.1.1    The vdump Restriction with Clone Filesets and NFS
5.1.2    APIs and Commands Affected by Mixed-Speed CPUs
5.1.3    SCSI CAM User Agent — Disabling Autosense Is Not Permitted
5.1.4    Escaped Comment Symbols in a Makefile
5.1.5    Editing an HTML File with XEmacs
5.1.6    Change to the sh, ksh, and csh Shells
5.1.7    Netscape Communicator    Netscape Communicator Dumps Core Running in CDE    Deleting Multiple Mail Messages Causes Netscape Communicator to Dump Core    Netscape Communicator Dumps Core Intermittently    Cannot Delete Mail Messages from Inbox to Trash When Using IMAP Server    Netscape Communicator Returns sh: /usr/bin/X11/showps: not found    Netscape Communicator Returns X Authorization Error
5.1.8    Netscape 6.2.3 Web Client    Netscape Startup Preferences Do Not Work    Netscape 6.2.3 Displays Poorly in the X11 PseudoColor Visual Class    Netscape 6 Will Not Load the Adobe Acrobat Plugin That Works with Netscape 4    Missing S/MIME Support in Mail and News    Problems Downloading Files    Netscape 6 Has Several X Input Method Failures in Some Locales    Informational Messages Can Be Ignored    Netscape Web Client Does Not Evaluate Local Files Passed As Arguments    Netscape 6 Failures When Loading Applets Using Java OJI Plugin    Starting Multiple Instances of Netscape 6 Can Cause It to Hang or Display Poorly    Netscape 6 Cannot Be Used to Access WebMail    Netscape 6 Crashes When Attempting to Open Mail Attachments
5.2    SysMan System Management Applications
5.2.1    Possible Loss of Data When the root File System Is Full
5.2.2    Large Integer Values in Configuration Applications
5.2.3    Error Message When Using sysman -cli -set values Command
5.2.4    Problem When Reconfiguring Network Interface Cards
5.2.5    SysMan Command Line Interface
5.2.6    SysMan Web Page Does Not Display or Work Properly
5.2.7    SysMan Configuration and Administration Restriction
5.2.8    Display Problems on Systems with Low-Resolution Graphics Cards
5.2.9    SysMan Applications Do Not Work Properly at VGA Resolution
5.2.10    SysMan Menu    Installation Branch Hangs When Run in Background    Installation Branch Is Not Supported for Clusters    Running the SysMan Menu Standalone on a PC Fails to Launch Tasks    Manage Local Users and NIS Users Task Restriction    Display Currently Mounted File Systems Option Restriction
5.2.11    SysMan Station    Smart Array 5300A RAID Array Not Supported in SysMan Station    SysMan Station Deamon Restart Required After Completing OLAR Operations    Incorrect Launch Status    Objects Might Not Display Properly with Internet Explorer    Cannot Restart the Client in a Web Browser    Client 5-Minute Timeout    Physical_Filesystems View Displays Two Disk Objects for LSM    Icons Indicating Warning or Failed States    Group Icons Are Not Available for Some Objects    Multiple AdvFS Volumes Might Not Appear Properly    SysMan Station Does Not Update Changes to Device base_name Dynamically    Some Tools Might Fail When Launched From a Group Object    Unable to Expand the Host Object in a Cluster    Unable to Select Other Objects After a Vertical Bus Is Selected
5.2.12    Configuring Tru64 UNIX from Linux Systems
5.3    System Administration
5.3.1    Configuring the SDLT320 Tape Drive
5.3.2    Binary Error Log Event May Be Incorrectly Reported As Double Error Halt
5.3.3    Account Manager    General Restrictions    Account Manager and Enhanced Security
5.3.4    Prestoserve Restriction on Devices Larger Than 1 TB
5.3.5    Possible Error Updating /etc/doprc
5.3.6    Persistent Reservation Error
5.3.7    Security    Authentication Problem with Multithreaded Applications    Security and HP Management Agents    Behavior of useradd, usermod, and userdel Commands    Prevent IP Spoofing Attacks    Use db_checkpoint for Log Trimming
5.3.8    OSFJAVA Subsets Are Required for Bundled Applications
5.3.9    Argument Size Limit for the exec System Call
5.3.10    Hardware Manager Incorrectly Reports the Presence of the Keyboard and Mouse
5.3.11    HP Management Agents for Tru64 UNIX (HP Insight Manager)    Software Notes    Known Problems
5.3.12    Event Manager    Event Viewer and evmget Display a Message When the binlog File Is Invalid    Event Manager Reports Kernel Messages with Critical Priority    Event Manager Fails to Detect syslogd and binlogd During Boot
5.4    Network and Communications
5.4.1    Link Aggregation and Local Area Transport Restriction
5.4.2    Restriction When Configuring IPsec and IP Tunnels
5.4.3    Performance Tuning for Gigabit Ethernet Adapters
5.4.4    The autofsd Utility
5.4.5    The rcinet stop inet Command Stops IPv6 Communications
5.4.6    Mail    The mailcv -I -t and -M -t Commands Do Not Work As Expected    IMAP Server: Preserving Uppercase User Names    The sendmail Warning Message    Problem Starting the sendmail Daemon
5.5    Local Area Transport
5.5.1    Duplicate Minor Numbers and latsetup
5.5.2    Simultaneous llogin Connections
5.6    File Systems
5.6.1    Advanced File System (AdvFS)    New AdvFS Mount Option Activates Data Logging on All Files in a Fileset
5.7    Logical Storage Manager
5.7.1    The diskconfig LSMnopriv Option Does Not Work
6    Development Environment Notes
6.1    General Programming
6.1.1    Change to bcopy, bcmp, and bzero
6.1.2    Change to struct utmp, struct utmpx, and struct lastlog
6.1.3    The getaddrinfo() Routine Might Return the Incorrect Return Status
6.2    POSIX Threads Library (pthreads)
6.2.1    pthread_mutex_destroy() Can Return EBUSY for Unlocked Mutex
6.2.2    Problems with Use of the stackaddr Thread Creation Attribute
6.2.3    Memory Alignment Issue
6.2.4    POSIX Threads Library pthread_debug() and pthread_debug_cmd() Routines
6.2.5    Process-Shared Synchronization Objects and Debugging
6.2.6    Use of errno
6.3    Kernel Programming
6.3.1    System Call Funneling
6.3.2    Changes to the ATM Kernel Programming Interface
6.3.3    Changes to the Internal Kernel Exception Frame
6.3.4    Changes to the VFS Programming Interface
7    Window System Software Notes
7.1    Hardware Notes and Restrictions
7.1.1    PowerStorm Graphics Support
7.1.2    Qvision Graphics Display Error
7.2    X Servers
7.2.1    Limited Multiscreen Display Support with CDE
7.2.2    Pixmap Color Errors with PanoramiX
7.2.3    X Print Server Extension Library Restriction
7.3    CDE Clients
7.3.1    Inaccessible Dialog Buttons
7.3.2    Remote Invocation of CDE File Manager dtfile
7.3.3    Possible Failure in the XOpenDisplay Call
7.3.4    Login to CDE_SESSION Restriction
7.3.5    Possible Problem with CDE ToolTalk Messaging
7.4    Internationalization
7.4.1    Unicode Locales and Dense Code Locales
7.4.2    Minor Behavioral Changes in Unicode Iconv Converters
7.4.3    Japanese Keyboard Support in Console Mode
7.4.4    Default Keyboard Setting Might Prevent User Login
8    Documentation Notes
8.1    Software Product Description (SPD) Replaced by QuickSpecs
8.2    Changes to the Documentation Set
8.3    Netscape Problem with the Search by Keyword Feature
8.4    AltaVista CD-ROM Search Might Not Work Correctly with Netscape Communicator
8.5    Online Help
8.5.1    SysMan Menu    Title Bar Is Incorrect    Help on Item Sometimes Fails
8.5.2    SysMan Station    Online Help Window Does Not Maximize Automatically
8.5.3    Reference Pages    Examples Missing New Lines in add_proplist_entry(3) and clu_info(3)
A    Software Subset Information
A.1    Disk Space Required for Software Subsets
A.2    Disk Space Required for RIS Areas
A.3    Disk Space Required for Documentation
A-1    Disk Space Requirements - Base Operating System
A-2    Disk Space Requirements - Associated Products Vol. 1
A-3    Disk Space Requirements - Associated Products Vol. 2
A-4    Disk Space Required for RIS Areas