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HP Tru64 UNIX: Release Notes for Version 5.1B-4


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HP Part Number: AA-RVGED-TE

Published: December 2006


This document provides information on new and changed features for the HP Tru64™ UNIX operating system and TruCluster server software. It also provides information you need to know when installing and using these products.

Table of Contents

About This Document
1 New Features in Version 5.1B-4
1-1 Operating System Enhancements
1-1-1 Standards Conformance
1-1-2 Support Provided for 2007 Changes to U.S. Daylight Savings Time
1-1-3 BIND Updated to Version 9.2.5
1-1-4 sendmail Server Updated to Version 8.13.6
1-1-5 NetRAIN over LAG
1-1-6 Storage Enhancements
1-1-7 AdvFS Enhancements
1-1-8 LSM Enhancements
1-1-9 Additional Enhancements
1-2 TruCluster Server Enhancements
1-2-1 Enhanced Distance Cluster Interconnect
1-2-2 Link Aggregation Extended to Cluster LAN Interconnects
1-2-3 Cloning Offers Alternative to No-Roll Patching
1-2-4 New Cluster Command Sends ping Packets over TCP
1-3 Changes to Tru64 UNIX Products
1-3-1 Associated Products CDs
1-3-2 Advanced Server for Tru64 UNIX
1-3-3 Internet Express for Tru64 UNIX
1-4 Packaging Changes
2 Choosing and Installing the Software You Need
2-1 Overview of Version 5.1B-4 CDs
2-2 Installing the Software
2-3 Accessing the Version 5.1B-4 CD
2-4 Accessing the Documentation CD
3 Release Notes
3-1 Installation Release Notes
3-1-1 Presence of Some Insight Management Agents Kits Might Require Additional Steps
3-1-2 Stop sendmail Before Installing Kit
3-1-3 Run Commands on BIND Systems After Kit Installation
3-1-4 inetd Daemon Restart Required
3-1-5 Kit Installation Causes Configuration File Restoration Failure
3-1-6 Run ipsec Command After Installing Kit
3-1-7 Update lprsetup.dat File When Using printconfg
3-1-8 AdvFS Domain Differences Can Affect Version Upgrades
3-1-9 Possible Errors Seen After Kit Installation
3-1-10 Message Seen During Reboot Can Be Ignored
3-2 Kit Removal Release Notes
3-2-1 Some Patch Kits Cannot Be Removed
3-2-2 Changes to System Might Need to Be Reversed
3-2-3 Script Must Be Run When Returning to Prepatched System
3-3 Cluster-Specific Installation and Removal Release Notes
3-3-1 Extract dupatch Tools Before Cloning
3-3-2 dupclone Error Message Can Be Ignored
3-3-3 Installed CSP Might Affect dupatch Cloning Process
3-3-4 Migrating a Patched Standalone System to a Cluster
3-3-5 Disable vfast Utility If Running on Cluster Domains
3-3-6 Creation of Some MFS File Systems Depends on Version Switch
3-3-7 Workaround Saves Files to Enable Patch Kit Removal
3-3-8 Enabling the Version Switch After Installation
3-3-9 Script Required to Reverse Version Switch
3-3-10 Restriction on Using No-Roll Procedure to Remove Kit
3-3-11 Do Not Install Prior NHD Kits on a Patched System
3-4 General Release Notes
3-4-1 Tru64 UNIX Rebranding Results in File Changes
3-4-2 Error on Installing Japanese Advanced Printing Software Subsets
3-4-3 Authentication Choice Affects sftp Transfer Rate
3-4-4 Insight Manager Components Dump Core
3-4-5 Autoloader Firmware Upgrade Changes WWID
3-4-6 Smart Array Booting Problem Might Require Service Call
3-4-7 Do Not Use dxarchiver to Verify Bootable Tape
3-4-8 securenets File Requires localhost Entry
3-4-9 SIA sialog Use Limitation Required
4 Getting Help with Version 5.1B-4
4-1 Accessing Release Notes from Earlier Version 5.1B Kits
4-2 Accessing Release Notes in the Online Technical Updates Document
4-3 Tru64 UNIX on the World Wide Web
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