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1    Version 5.1B-3 Overview
1.1    Operating System Improvements
1.1.1    AdvFS robustness
1.1.2    Collect Support for Dynamic Changes to AdvFS Volumes
1.1.3    Storage Handling Improvements
1.1.4    Accounting
1.1.5    New Variables Provide Protection Against Attack
1.1.6    New /etc/printcap Option
1.2    TruCluster Server Improvements
1.3    LSM Enhancements
1.4    Changes to Reference Pages
1.5    New and Updated Associated Products
1.5.1    Volume 1    Advanced Server for Tru64 UNIX    binaryScan    DataDirect Drivers    hpuxman    LDAP Utilities    OpenLDAP Directory Server    Mozilla
1.5.2    Volume 2    Legato NetWorker    Motif    Secure Web Server    UniCensus Utility    Web Based Enterprise Service
1.6    Changes to the dupatch Utility
2    Version 5.1B-3 Installation and Deinstallation Notes
2.1    Choosing and Installing the Software You Need
2.1.1    CD-ROM Overview
2.1.2    Installing the Software
2.2    Operating System Notes
2.2.1    Possible Error Seen During Version 5.1B-3 Installation
2.2.2    Possible Errors Seen After Version 5.1B-3 Installation
2.2.3    Message Seen During Reboot Can Be Ignored
2.2.4    Enabling the Version Switch After Installation
2.2.5    Special Instruction File May Be Overwritten
2.2.6    Required Actions When Uninstalling Version 5.1B-3    Script Required to Reverse Version Switch    Changes to System May Need to Be Reversed    Script Required when Returning to Pre-Patched System
2.2.7    Additional Steps Required for HP Insight Management Agents Kit
2.2.8    Change to executable_data Attribute Requires Running Script
2.2.9    Required Action when Installing Extended System V Functionality and Tru64 UNIX Worldwide Language Support Subsets from the APCDs
2.3    TruCluster Server Notes
2.3.1    No-Roll Procedure Cannot Be Used to Remove Version 5.1B-3
2.3.2    Do Not Install Prior NHD Kits on a Patched System
2.3.3    Updates for Rolling Upgrade Procedures    Select Option to Check Tagged Files (new)    Check for Tagged Files if Messages Are Displayed (revised)    Noncritical Errors    Unrecoverable Failure Procedure    Do Not Add or Delete OSF, TCR, IOS, or OSH Subsets During Roll    Undo Stages in Correct Order    clu_upgrade undo of Install Stage Can Result in Incorrect File Permissions    Missing Entry Messages Can Be Ignored During Rolling Patch    Relocating AutoFS During a Rolling Upgrade on a Cluster
2.3.4    Error on Cluster Creation
2.3.5    When Taking a Cluster Member to Single-User Mode, First Halt the Member
3    Software Notes for Version 5.1B-3
3.1    Base Operating System Notes
3.1.1    Potential Security Vulnerability Identified    Adjusting the tcp_rst_win Variable    Adjusting the tcp_syn_win Variable
3.1.2    Modification to Changer Driver May Affect Some Applications
3.1.3    Data Sorting of Audit Records May Be Required on Single CPU Systems
3.1.4    new_wire_method Tunable Attribute Retired
3.1.5    Stopping Daemons May Speed Administration Performance
3.1.6    sendmail Application Size/Length Limits Can Cause Problems
3.1.7    SIA sialog Use Limitation Required
3.1.8    Reboot May Resolve Problem with Smart Array Controller
3.1.9    Fix Available for Potential System Thread Hangs
3.2    TruCluster Server Notes
3.2.1    Login Failure Possible with C2 Security Enabled    Preventing the Problem    Correcting the Problem
3.2.2    Increasing RDG max_objs Value Recommended
3.2.3    Filesystem Unmount Recommended if Message Is Displayed
3.3    Processor Notes
3.3.1    General and Problem Information for AlphaServer ES47, ES80, and GS1280 Systems    Time Loss on Systems with Firmware Lower Than V6.4-12    CPU Offline Restrictions    Problem with Capacity-on-Demand Process    Hardware SCSI Bus Errors    Repeated Reboots May Cause Panic
3.3.2    Potential False Temperature Error Condition on AlphaServer DS10, DS10L, and TS10 Systems
3.4    Documentation Notes
3.4.1    AdvFS Administration Manual Correction — Extend an AdvFS File System when Increasing the Size of the Underlying Volume
3.4.2    Installation Guide Contains Incorrect Java Version
3.4.3    System Configuration and Tuning Guide Corrections
3.4.4    ypset(8) Correction
3.4.5    aio_return(3) Correction
3.4.6    disklabel(8) Correction
3.4.7    dxshutdown(8) Correction
3.4.8    emx(7) Correction
3.4.9    dd(1) Correction
3.4.10    ksh(1) correction
4    New and Changed Features in Versions 5.1B-2 and 5.1B-1
4.1    New and Changed Features for Tru64 UNIX Version 5.1B-2
4.1.1    New Hardware Support
4.1.2    New Functionality    Inclusive Patch Kits    Unified Buffer Cache Scaling
4.1.3    TruCluster Server Improvements    Faster Boot Times for TruCluster Server Environments Using LSM    Improved Memory Channel Performance During Peak System Utilization    Additional TruCluster Enhancements
4.1.4    Networking Improvements    Mobile IPv6 Update    IPv6 Advanced API Update    pfilt_loopback and pfilt_physaddr
4.1.5    Worldwide Language Support Improvements    Updated Localized Messages    Improved Asian TTY Subsystem    Enhanced Chinese Support    Improved Iconv Converters
4.1.6    New and Updated Associated Products    Advanced Server for Tru64 UNIX    Tru64 UNIX to HP-UX Software Transition Kit    XEmacs    Secure Web Server    Perl    Extended System V Functionality    UniCensus    Visual Threads    Web Based Enterprise Service    Collect GUI    OpenLDAP Utilities    OpenLDAP Directory Server    Mozilla    Legato NetWorker
4.2    New and Changed Features for Tru64 UNIX Version 5.1B-1
4.2.1    Support for Tuning Big Pages Attributes of Binary Files
4.2.2    Support for the Name Services Switch
4.2.3    New Security Feature
4.2.4    Packetfilter Enhancements
4.2.5    New Hardware Support
4.2.6    New and Updated Associated Products    Advanced Printing Software Version 1.2A    Advanced Server for Tru64 UNIX    Application Transition Tools    Compaq COBOL RTL    OpenLDAP Directory Server    OpenLDAP Utilities    Mozilla Version 1.4 Application Suite for Tru64 UNIX    Java    Secure Web Server    Legato NetWorker    WEBES    UniCensus    Visual Threads
4.2.7    Sources for Open Source Components
4.2.8    Retirement Notices    Aurema ARMTech Products Retirement    DEC Ada Retirement