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How to Order Tru64 UNIX Documentation

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To order Compaq Tru64TM UNIX documentation in the United States and Canada, call 800-344-4825. In other countries, contact your local Compaq subsidiary.

If you have access to Compaq's intranet, you can place an order at the following Web site:


If you need help deciding which documentation best meets your needs, see the Tru64 UNIX Documentation Overview, which describes the structure and organization of the Tru64 UNIX documentation and provides brief overviews of each document.

The following table provides the order numbers for the Tru64 UNIX operating system documentation kits. For additional information about ordering this and related documentation, see the Documentation Overview or contact Compaq.

Name Order Number
Tru64 UNIX Documentation CD-ROM QA-6ADAA-G8
Tru64 UNIX Documentation Kit QA-6ADAA-GZ
    End User Documentation Kit QA-6ADAB-GZ
        Startup Documentation Kit QA-6ADAC-GZ
        General User Documentation Kit QA-6ADAD-GZ
        System and Network Management Documentation Kit QA-6ADAE-GZ
    Developer's Documentation Kit QA-6ADAF-GZ
Reference Pages Documentation Kit QA-6ADAG-GZ
TruCluster Server Documentation Kit QA-6BRAA-GZ