Advanced File System
and Utilities

Guide to File System Administration

© Copyright Digital Equipment Corporation 1996
All rights reserved.

Revision/Update Information: This is a new manual.
Operating System and Version: DIGITAL UNIX Version 4.0 or higher. Future maintenance releases may require higher versions.
Software Version: Advanced File System and Utilities Version 4.0
Date: April 1996

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This guide contains the following:

Table of Contents

Preface lists related documents and document conventions.

Chapter 1 introduces the Advanced File System (AdvFS), describes the features and benefits, and explains the licensing strategy.

Chapter 2 explains the configuration of AdvFS and how to set up your system.

Chapter 3 explains how to set up and use quotas on AdvFS.

Chapter 4 explains fileset cloning and how to perform online backups with AdvFS filesets.

Chapter 5 provides information and instructions for maximizing the performance of AdvFS.

Chapter 6 provides diagnostic and troubleshooting instructions for specific situations that can be handled at the file-system level.

Appendix A lists all of the commands available for AdvFS functions.

Appendix B provides guidelines for converting from the UNIX File System (UFS) to AdvFS and from AdvFS to UFS.

The Glossary contains definitions of terms unique to AdvFS or that need clarification.

The final section gives instructions for Ordering Additional Information.