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HP C++ Version 7.1
for Tru64 UNIX


HP C++ Development Environment

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 C++ support

Premium support is available on a per-incident basis

» Software services - per event consulting

and annual contracts

» Software services - Tru64 UNIX support

are available from HP Services in the US and some other countries.

In the US and Canada, call, toll-free, 1-800-354-9000. In other countries, support phone numbers are available on the web at support phone numbers.

Free support is limited to bug reports that can be sent to Send a complete but short example reproducing the problem, including the following:

  • Compiler and operating system versions
  • All necessary sources (such as INCLUDE files and module sources)
  • Data files
  • Commands used to compile, link and run the program
  • Expected results and incorrect results obtained

Please try to reduce the problem to as small a source as possible, because we may be unable to diagnose large applications.

We answer most quickly those problem reports that include a small but complete reproducible example, along with descriptions of the compile and link options used and the exact text of any diagnostic messages or other incorrect results. Reports that include only program fragments or involve very large applications generally will not be accepted.

Please note that this is not a "programming consulting service" and that you should have clear evidence of a product problem before contacting us. If you need consulting services, please contact HP Services.


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